Evie Skincare Orange Peeling Lotion Extra Strength 100ml

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Lighten Dark Spots,Shallow Scars, Blemish Control 

 Evens out skin tone and skin discoloration

* Lighten dark spots and shallow scars

* Soften & smoothen the skin baby

* Removes skin blemishes

* Glowing skin

* Lighten stretch marks

* Easily absorbed by the skin

* Lighter consistency & not sticky

Our peeling lotion is ten times more powerful than the orange peeling lotion in the market! It peels your skin in sheets! . If you have a dark butt, dark back, tanned arms, this is perfect for you. If you want to peel your entire body, this is perfect for you!

This is for the 100ml bottle, which is perfect for small areas, like your elbows, armpits, knees, butt, or just targeted areas. Pls follow directions to get the desired results. For whole body please contact us or buy more bottles


For best results combine with our peeling soap
Do a patch test before use. Recommended use at night only. 

1.) Apply A THICK COAT of the peeling lotion 3 to 5 times to your skin at bedtime to the area that you desire to peel, waiting 10 to 15 minutes between applications, for 3 consecutive days. Make sure the lotion is absorbed before each application. (This means apply the first layer, wait 10 to 15 minutes, apply the second layer, wait 10 to 15 minutes,  repeat till you get to 3 to 5 layers). Do this for 3 days. 

2.) Leave the lotion on your skin the entire night. You may take a bath in the morning, however, DO NOT USE SOAP OR SCRUB the area where you applied the peeling lotion.

3.) If redness or irritation occurs during peeling period, use hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching. You can also use petroleum jelly or shea butter lotion to moisturize your skin during and after peeling. 

4.) Wait for at least 5-7 days for your old skin to peel off.

5.) DO NOT FORCE THE SKIN TO PEEL OFF. Wait until your old skin loosen up from the new skin before you peel it off.

6.) Avoid too much exposure to sunlight during application, peeling stage and 1 week after peeling and use sunscreen during daytime. 

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Gloria - Sweden

This a very good peeling lotion. Its been 2 weeks know since i started and i its still peeling my skin not in sheets but it doing it job. i cant wait to start to use my 3d set. I'll give it 4⭐ because they should make a bigger bottle for the whole body.