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Lighten Dark Spots,Shallow Scars, Blemish Control 

 Evens out skin tone and skin discoloration

* Lighten dark spots and shallow scars

* Soften & smoothen the skin baby

* Removes skin blemishes

* Glowing skin

* Lighten stretch marks

* Easily absorbed by the skin

* Lighter consistency & not sticky

Perfect for use before a lightener - will enhance the results of skin lighteners by enabling the lightener to penetrate the skin further 

Yellow Peeling Oil Skin helps to rejuvenate the skin and lightening darks areas like elbows, knees, underarms and other dark areas of your body. 

Yellow peeling oil is only a superficial skin peel and is therefore safe to use at home even without any professional assistance. 

👇It exfoliates dead skin cells.. 

√√ Hastens the formulation of new skin cell.. 

√√Can be used for your face and body..darker skin tones need to be mindful. 

√√It is very safe type to peel agent to be used without the supervision of a dermatologist as it hardly skin, especially is used properly.. 

#Peeling start 2-4 days after the last application 

(Peeling may very depending on the user's skin moisture content - TO SPEED THIS UP YOU COULD WEAR A SAUNA SUIT , PLASTIC GLOVES ETC. 

Peeling lasts for approx 7 days and more if it's a large area. 

#To prevent redness or itchiness, apply hydrocortisone cream on the 2nd day after applying the yellow peeling oil. 

#Always used sunblock when exposed to sunlight. 



Do a patch test before use. Recommended use at night only. 

For best results combine with our peeling soap
Test  skin under your arm  the yellow peeling oil.  Get a cotton and gently rub on a small part of your skin.  Please do this for 2 consecutive nights and if there are no irritation, please proceed to the next step. 


Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Tretinoin Double, Salicylic Acid

Wash skin with mild soap. 

On dry and clean skin, apply  thinly and evenly the yellow peeling oil 3 x a day on the target spot or to your body with a cotton swab.  It can be applied 3x with a 15 minute interval.  Please do not rub your skin. Apply peeling oil for 3 days only. This means you will put it 3 Times per Application, 3 Applications per day, for 3 Consecutive Days. For a Total of 27 applications for 3 days (9 applications per day) 

Avoid washing when on treatment until the next day. 

If there is itching, apply soothing cream and the itching will stop and your skin will get relief. 

Peeling will start on the 5th and 7thday.  Do not force peel  your skin off by yourself.  Always use mild soap when washing and always wear long sleeves  and avoid sun exposure when on treatment.  After the peeling has come off, always use an effective sunblock for  your body. 


2.) Leave the lotion on your skin the entire night. You may take a bath in the morning, however, DO NOT USE SOAP OR SCRUB the area where you applied the peeling lotion.

3.) If redness or irritation occurs during peeling period, use hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching. You can also use petroleum jelly or shea butter lotion to moisturize your skin during and after peeling. 

4.) Wait for at least 5-7 days for your old skin to peel off.

5.) DO NOT FORCE THE SKIN TO PEEL OFF. Wait until your old skin loosen up from the new skin before you peel it off.

6.) Avoid too much exposure to sunlight during application, peeling stage and 1 week after peeling and use sunscreen during daytime. 

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