Do you ship worldwide.
Yes, we ship world via dhl.

Are your products natural
Our products are natural free from harmful chemical and banned ingredients like steroids.We only use natural ingredients approved to be used in EU.

Does your products suit all skin types
Yes our products are made from natural ingredients to suit all skin types this includes sensitive skin.

What the difference between each range

Which Lightening range is best for me.

For mild lightening our Glutathione, Flawless cream and Egyptain. These lighten and even out the skin tone from 2 weeks of use and gives 2-3 shades.Egyptian works faster and it the strongest 

For Yellow or Half Caste shade. Our Half caste or 3d. 3d works faster and it the strongest. Results from 10 days of use. 3-4

For a whitish tone. Our Snow white, Exclusive or caviar . caviar is the strongest followed by exclusive. Results from 5 days of use.over 5 shades.

Can i take your glutathione or vitamins along side my lotion
Yes you can as this helps you achieve a faster result.

Difference In Sets
 The difference in our sets are soaps and oil. 

Products ingredients or colour change

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time.Product texture,fragrance and colour may change or vary, don’t be alarmed. We made reduce the colour used in products or reduce thickness based on customers feedback.

Which knuckle product is best for me.
This depends on how bad your knuckles are and which part of the body.

Please contact us for advice on selecting the right one.

Do you offer pick up
currently we do not offer pick but this will available in the near future.

Can i share before and after pictures.
Yes and we offer a discount for this. Email your results to us at or via our social media pages as well as whatsapp.