Foot Pumice Stone Hard Dead Skin Scrub Exfoliating Pedicure

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Perfect for removing dead skin during knuckle treatment

Foot Care 1 pcs Hard Skin Tool Cuticle Remover Pedicure Foot Bath Scrub Pumice Stone 
About the product
       Pumice is formed when the hot lava mixes with water and hardens resulting in a porous material perfect for peeling away the dry skin. Each stone has different shape and size.
The stone provides an abrasive surface that gently smoothes the skin without scratching. The next time the heels and elbows are dry and cracked, exfoliate with a pumice stone for soft, healthy-looking results.
They are perfect for pedicures and regular foot maintenance. Ideal for ex-foliar and removal of blemishes, calluses, and calluses. Perfect for scrubbing and scrubbing
Exfoliating With A Pumice Stone
1.Make your skin calloused in warm water until your dry skin has softened.
Fill a bowl with warm water and soak your feet in the bowl or pumice as part of your shower may be easier for other parts of the body,
2.Move the pumice stone in the water where you are absorbing your skin. It will slide more easily across your skin after thoroughly wetting the stone.
CAUTION: Do not press too hard. Light pressure is all that is needed; Let the surface of the stone do the work.
3. use a circular motion to start flaking away the dead skin with the stone polish.
While working on your feet, focus on the heel, the sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin tends to build.
4. Rinse the dead skin and take a look to see if you need to continue.
If the pumice stone wore down you may need to turn on it to get a fresh surface to exfoliate the skin.
5.Use a towel to pat your skin dry and coat the area with an oil or cream to moisturize skin.
Repeat as many times as necessary to keep your skin in good shape.
To take care of a Pumice Stone
Dead skin will build in the pores of the stone as you use it, so you will want to clean the stone after using.
This pumice stone comes with a string tied that allows you to hang the stone to dry to make sure it is not harboring bacteria.
Let it boil for five minutes every two weeks to ensure that it stays clean.
If you have ever used the stone on a dirty surface, you can add a bleach cap to the water to make more sure all the bacteria is dead.
Replace the stone when it wears out.
When it gets too small to handle easily, or the surface becomes too soft to be effective, go ahead and in the spring for a new one.

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